Share the Science®: STEM exposes viewers to a virtual community garden, where they can experience learning about science, technology, engineering and math through the eyes of a young child. It was created in response to discussions at the 2016 Early Childhood STEM Conference in California (ECSTEM), where teachers shared their frustration with explaining the benefits of early STEM education. Using translational research from the FrameWorks Institute on how Americans think about STEM, this new tool is designed to help educators and advocates for early STEM learning share their perspectives with greater success.

How to Use This Tool

Ideas for taking the VR experience to educators, parents and community leaders.


How to Talk STEM

Learn how to make the case for STEM based on evidence-based communications.


Learn More About Early STEM Learning

In this compendium of state-of-the-art articles from experts in the field.

Readiness Learning Associates offers coaching, training, curriculum development and consulting on preschool - Grade 12 STEM.

The Center for Childhood Creativity at the Bay Area Discovery Museum offers research and consulting on childhood creativity including math and science learning.


Stay Connected to the World of STEM

The Children’s Center at Caltech hosts an important ECSTEM conference.

STEMNEXT at the University of San Diego publishes a newsletter of important events and research.

The Samueli Foundation is central to many efforts among funders and practitioners to make early STEM more available.